Utah Jazz: SLOB Double Screen Slice Basketball Play (07-08)

This is a great sideline out of bounds basketball play to get a quick quality shot at the basket. It is important that you have quick hitter out of bounds plays for end of game situations, or if the shot or game clock is running down. The inbound passer is going to pass the ball in and then immediately come off the double diagonal screen and get a post catch right on the block. Have the player with the best post mismatch toss the basketball in so that they can get it back in the post.



Play Name: Utah Jazz: SLOB Double Screen Slice Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Set a back screen for the inbound passer and get him a post catch on the block.

Play Tips: Have your best guard post up mismatch toss the ball in and then receive the post up. Keep spaced and be ready to shoot the basketball if your man helps down on the post up.


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