Utah Jazz: UCLA Cut, Pin Down, and Counter Basketball Play (07-08)

There are a few different options out of this basketball set and it is up to the offense to read the defense and then play out of it. If your players play like robots they are going to be very easy to guard. The best players are able to score in the offense by taking advantage of how the defense is guarding them. This basketball play has some really good screening actions and counters. So it will be up to the players to make the correct defensive reads to get a great shot.



Play Name: Utah Jazz: UCLA Cut, Pin Down, and Counter Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Get a layup off of the UCLA cut, a shot for one of the shooters off the pin down, or a post up for the big that set the pin down screen.

Play Tips: Take your man away from the ball before cutting hard off of the UCLA cut. Set good solid screens and be ready to react out of them. Be ready to shoot or hit the open teammate off of the pin down action.


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