Vanderbilt: BLOB Four Flat Ball Screen Slip Basketball Play

When deciding on your baseline out of bounds basketball plays it is important to pick plays with multiple counters, because this makes it harder for the defense to scout your plays. For example, you should never have just one play out of the four flat formation because the defense will know what play is coming. Instead, have at least three or four plays out of each formation or just have all your plays out of the same formation. This will keep the defense from being tipped off to what play you are going to run.



Play Name: Vanderbilt: BLOB Four Flat Ball Screen Slip Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a layup for the slip man or a drive for the man who catches the ball.

Play Tips: The slip man needs to make a hard slip to the basket so that he gets a layup or his man dives to guard him and takes away the help on the drive. Wings must space outside the three point line and be ready to shoot the kick out if their man helps down.


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