Vanderbilt: BLOB Four Flat Post Up Basketball Play

Most of the time you are going to be able to score out of set basketball plays easier then just freestyling the offense (if the play is executed well). This is, even more, the case for baseline out of bounds basketball plays. Don’t waste the opportunity to run a great set play by just throwing the ball in bounds. Run offense and take advantage of being able to set up a quality play with your team.



Play Name: Vanderbilt: BLOB Four Flat Post Up Basketball Play

Similar Plays: Georgia Southern: BLOB 4 Across Pin Down Basketball Play (11-12), Duke: BLOB Baseline Double Basketball Play, Chicago Bulls: BLOB Double/Single Screen Basketball Play

Play Goal: Get the ball in and then look for the opposite post ducking in on the block.

Play Tips: Post that is ducking in needs to wait till the ball is played in before ducking in. Make sure that the timing is right when practicing this play.


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