Vanderbilt: Zipper Cut Post Up Basketball Play

It is important to get your best basketball players touches where they are most comfortable scoring the ball. If you have a big man that is a good scorer, this is a great basketball play to run for him. When deciding on the basketball plays that you are going to run for your team, it is important to make sure that you are considering your personnel. Always try to build your plays around your players.



Play Name: Vanderbilt: Zipper Cut Post Up Basketball Play

Similar Plays: Houston Rockets: Pin Down/Backdoor Counter Basketball Play (10-11), San Antonio Spurs: Double Screen/UCLA Cut Basketball Play, Providence Friars: Down Screen – Angled Screen – Double Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Play Goal: Get a direct feed post up or a high low dump down over the top.

Play Tips: Big man needs to set a good screen for the guard coming up to make his man help up. If the big man’s defender is playing on the high side then go right for the high low action.


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