Villanova Wildcats: 2-3 Zone Double High Ball Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

A good way to beat a zone is to overload it at a specific area. In this double high ball screen basketball play you are essentially playing 3 on 2 at the top of the zone. With the ball screens being set to the outside there is no help for the defender getting screened, especially if there are shooters in the corner. Now all that has to happen is the point guard has to make the right read and play out of the ball screen action. Ball screen plays are a great way to attack the zone.



Play Name: Villanova Wildcats: 2-3 Zone Double High Ball Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Set a ball screen on the outsides of both top defenders and then let the point guard decide which way to go and then just play out of it.

Play Tips: Set good ball screens. The point guard must read the defenders. If the defender goes under he needs to shoot the ball or rescreen, if he chases over the screen he needs to attack and to score for himself or to set up a teammate with a shot.


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