Villanova Wildcats: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (11-12)

When you play against a zone you should have several good zone motion basketball plays as well as set plays. Zone motion offense is good because it keeps the offensive players moving, and helps to prevent the offense from getting stagnant. Keep the ball moving and maintain good spacing. Be careful though to make sure that your team doesn’t become robots in the offense. They need to be reading the defense, cutting to score, and taking advantage of any defensive breakdowns.



Play Name: Villanova Wildcats: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (11-12)

Similar Plays: Providence Friars: 2-3 Zone Twirl Action Motion Offense (11-12), The Rock: Backside 3 Pointer Basketball Play, Pitt Panthers: 2-3 Zone Screens Basketball Play (11-12)

Play Goal: Keep the ball moving and find an open player in a gap for a shot or finish.

Play Tips: Don’t catch and hold the ball, keep it moving. Read the defense and cut through the zone looking for the ball. Maintain good spacing.


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