Villanova Wildcats: BLOB Weak Side Flare, Single Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Baseline out of bounds basketball plays can be the difference in a close game. As a basketball coach, you should take advantage of these chances to run set plays for your team. You should either be looking to score off of the catch or get right into the offense and run a play. Don’t just try to get the ball in, unless it is a late game situation. Your team needs to be aggressive to score off of the inbounds pass, as long as it is a quality shot.



Play Name: Villanova Wildcats: BLOB Weak Side Flare, Single Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get a shot off of the weak side flare or the single screen. If you don’t get a shot off of the catch get right into the offense.

Play Tips: Make sure that the man throwing the ball in doesn’t stare down the receivers. The first look is for the man coming off of the flare screen. Once the flare man sets a good screen he needs to open back up to the ball as well.


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