Wake Forest: 2-3 Zone Ball Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Ball screen basketball plays can be used against the zone because it is just one more way to overload an area on the zone. It makes the defense decide how they are going to guard the ball screen, and what they are going to leave open. If the defender goes over the ball screen then the other top defender will have to help, and if the ball defender goes under this opens up a shot for the ball handler or a re-screen.



Play Name: Wake Forest: 2-3 Zone Ball Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Set a good ball screen on one of the top defenders and make him decide how he is going to guard it and then play out of it.

Play Tips: Be aggressive on the ball screen and try to get penetration into the zone. Look to kick out after the ball is penetrated and then play out of it. Don’t catch and hold the ball if it is kicked out to you; shoot, pass, or re-drive it.


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