Wake Forest: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (11-12)

Ball movement, spacing, cutting, and driving gaps are the keys to beating a zone. Motion basketball plays against the zone are very good to use if you have smart players who are able to play with each other in the offense, and create for one another. Make sure that if you are in a motion offense that you are not just passing the basketball around the key, but that you are getting penetration with either the pass or dribble, play inside out.



Play Name: Wake Forest: 2-3 Zone Motion Offense (11-12)

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Play Goal: Keep the ball moving and make the zone shift until it breaks down and someone ends up with a good look at the basket.

Play Tips: Don’t catch and hold the ball, keep it moving. Drive a gap, get the defense to suck in, and then kick to a teammate. Keep good spacing and be a threat to score.


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