Wake Forrest: Transition Backside Flare Basketball Play (11-12)

Transition offense can be run off of a defensive stop or on a made basket. However, the key to good transition is to have every offensive player sprinting the floor, and staying spaced in their lanes. Every player needs to sprint the floor because even if they don’t get the ball they keep their man from sucking in and helping on defense.

This is a pretty simple basketball play, but it takes timing and every player getting out in transition for it to work. The more time that the defense has to get back and get set, the less chance there is of the play being successful. Make sure that as a basketball coach, you are stressing the importance of getting up the floor quickly, and right into the offense.



Play Name: Wake Forrest: Transition Backside Flare Basketball Play (11-12)

Similar Plays: Chicago Bulls: Transition Dribble Down/Double Screen Basketball Play, San Antonio Spurs: Transition Drag Screen Basketball Play

Play Goal: Get down the floor and get into your offense before the defense gets back and gets set.

Play Tips: Sprint the floor and maintain good spacing. Point guard kicks the ball ahead if a wing is open.


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