Wallace State: 2-3 Zone Ball Screen Baseline Runner Basketball Play

A lot of teams don’t maximize the ability to run ball screens against a zone defense, but there is a lot of value in being able to ball screen the top of the zone. This Wallace State ball screen baseline runner play uses a ball screen against one of the top defenders, and then sends a runner on the baseline to the corner. The idea is to make one player have to try and guard two and hopefully end up with a quality shot from that situation. Great zone offenses don’t just pass the basketball around the zone, but they look to get penetration, player movement, and ball movement.



Play Name: Wallace State: 2-3 Zone Ball Screen Baseline Runner Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Set a ball screen on one of the top two defenders, look to get penetration, and then swing the basketball to the player running the baseline for a shot in the corner.

Play Tips: The player coming off the ball screen needs to be aggressive and make the other top defender help before swinging the basketball. Don’t make the shooter wait in the corner on the pass.


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