Wallace State: BLOB Box Set Flare Screen Dive Basketball Play (11-12)

A good basketball inbound play has multiple options and makes the defense respect all of the different options. For this basketball play, you want to sell that you are looking for a shooter on the flare screens. This will hopefully make the big men defenders help out on the cut. This will put them out of position, and it opens up the dive to the basket for the layup or dunk. It only works though if the big men set good screens, and the shooter cuts hard off of it. If the post players don’t help on the screen action, the shooter will end up with a shot.



Play Name: Wallace State: BLOB Box Set Flare Screen Dive Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Sell the flare screen action and then get a dive to the basket for the big man to get a layup or dunk.

Play Tips: Must make the defense help on the flare screen for the dive to be open. Don’t make the dive man wait on the inbound pass. Take what the defense gives you.


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