Wallace State: Double Screen Handoff Basketball Play (11-12)

A double screen into a handoff action acts pretty much like a triple screen and is very hard for the cutter’s defender to keep up though. If you run this basketball play with the right timing and set good screens, then it is a really effective play. The player coming off the handoff can either turn the corner and drive the ball or look to shoot the ball depending on how his defender reads the screen. Running a successful play almost always comes down to the details; setting good screens, hard cuts, etc. so it is important that you as the basketball coach make sure that you stress these details to your players, and make sure that they are doing them.



Play Name: Wallace State: Double Screen Handoff Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get a shot or a driving angle for the man coming off the double screen and handoff action.

Play Tips: Screeners need to find the cutters man and hit him/her with a good screen. The shooter needs to determine whether he/she is going to shoot the ball off the handoff or turn the corner for a drive.


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