Wallace State: Dribble Drive Backdoor Basketball Play (11-12)

This dribble drive basketball play is basically spreading the floor and then looking to attack one on one till another defender steps up to help, and then kicking the ball out to a teammate for another dribble drive. If the wing defender helps too far up on the drive, then the wing offensive player is going to cut back door for the layup or dunk.

You must make the defense pay for trying to cheat the play and getting caught out of position. Keep good spacing and be aggressive on the drive. When driving the basketball, the player’s shoulders should be pointed at the basket, make the defense respect that you are going to finish at the basket. The dribble drive is something that should be worked on consistently in practice and during basketball training.



Play Name: Wallace State: Dribble Drive Backdoor Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Space the floor and try to drive a gap. If the wing defender over helps on the drive back door him.

Play Tips: Must keep good spacing and be aggressive on the drive. If you get cut off, kick out and re-drive off of the catch. Don’t catch and hold the ball on the kick out.


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