Wallace State: Flat Ball Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

A flat ball screen is a little bit different than a regular ball screen because you are allowing the ball handler to decide which way he/she wants to use the screen. This one of the more simple basketball plays, but if you have two players that are really good in ball screen action it can be quality offense.

Remember that the ball handler doesn’t have to score out of this play, he/she can simply come off the screen and set up a teammate for a shot. One of your jobs as a basketball coach is to help your players understand all of the options and reads for a specific play.



Play Name: Wallace State: Flat Ball Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Be aggressive off the flat ball screen and have the ball handler make a play for himself or a teammate.

Play Tips: Get a little bit of a running start before using the screen. This will make it harder on the defender guarding the ball. When you use the screen you want to try and come off the side opposite of the where the screener’s defender is so that there is no help.


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