Wallace State: High Post Flash Backdoor Basketball Play (11-12)

If a team is over pressuring your wings and making it really hard to run your basketball sets, then this is the perfect time to run on of your backdoor plays. It will not only allow you to get an easy layup or dunk but after a couple of them, the wings will not pressure as hard because they don’t want to get beat backdoor again. This play is a great example of taking what the defense gives you.



Play Name: Wallace State: High Post Flash Backdoor Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Sell the high post flash and then make the wing defender pay for over pressuring the wing. Get a backdoor cut for a layup.

Play Tips: The big man needs to flash hard for the ball and really sell that the play is for them. Passer needs to lead the cutter and keep the pass low to the ground. The wing needs to sell the backdoor cut by flashing hard to the wing first.


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