West Virginia: Angle Screen Double Screen Motion Offense (08-09)

The key to basketball plays like this is to keep moving the ball and setting good off ball screens for each other. A basketball motion offense is only as good as the players running it. If the players don’t set good screens, move the ball, and read the defense then it is not going to be effective.

It is also important that the players are not robots going through the offense. There is a set structure to the motion offense, but if the defense tries to cheat the play, then the offensive player needs to take advantage of this. It is your job as a basketball coach to make sure that your team understands this.



Play Name: West Virginia: Angle Screen Double Screen Motion Offense (08-09)

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Play Goal: Continue to set back screens and down screens until the defense breaks down.

Play Tips: Keep good spacing, set good screens, and keep the ball moving from side to side. Don’t be a robot and make the defense pay if they cheat the play.


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