West Virginia: Angle Screens Basketball Play (08-09)

Like most good basketball plays this play requires your players to set good screens for each other. Every time that your team sets a good screen it puts the defense at a disadvantage because now they have to figure out how they are going to handle the screen. The more good screens in a basketball play the more chances there are to mess up and allow a good look at a shot or layup.

This West Virginia play is going to require your players to set angle screens/back screens for cutters to the basket, and the goal is to get a finish at the basket. So it is important that your players choose the right angles and set good legal screens.



Play Name: West Virginia: Angle Screens Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Get a shot off of a good angle screen.

Play Tips: Make sure that you get set before you set a screen and also pick a good angle to set the screen. The player coming off the screen needs to set his/her man up and then cut hard off of the screen looking to shoot.


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