West Virginia: Ball Screen Slip Double Back Screen Post Up Basketball Play (08-09)

If run the right way this basketball play can be very effective. The big man that is going to slip on the ball screen will be able to come off the double back screen and seal for a really good post position. If the post up isn’t there then you have the shooter coming off the down screen for a shot, but getting the basketball inside is the main goal of this play.

Don’t make the post player wait on the post feed because they will most likely only be open for a short window of time. Make sure that you have a player that is able to make a good post pass entering the ball and also make sure that they post feed from a good angle, this will help prevent turnovers.



Play Name: West Virginia: Ball Screen Slip Double Back Screen Post Up Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Get the other team’s big man to show on the ball screen and then have post player slip the ball screen and come off the double back screen for a deep post catch. If the post isn’t open then a shooter will be coming off a down screen for a shot.

Play Tips: Big man needs to really sell the ball screen and then slip hard to the basket. The players setting the back screen need to hit the post players defender with a good legal screen. The post player shouldn’t run all the way out to the block for the post-catch, try and catch it right under the basket. The wing player that is making the post feed needs to have a good angle on the pass and also make the pass right when the post player is open.


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