West Virginia: Cross Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

Sometimes the easiest way to get your best player a shot is to have them first set a good screen. For this basketball play, you are going to diagonal screen the shooter to the block, and then have them set a good cross screen, before coming off a down screen for a shot.

If they set a good screen their man will have to help off and that will put him/her out of position to chase on the down screen. So make sure that you stress to your shooter that he/she needs to set a great screen before using a screen, or the play won’t work. Coaching basketball has a lot to do with teaching your players the details, and the importance of doing the little things.



Play Name: West Virginia: Cross Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Have a shooter set a good cross screen and then come off a down screen for a shot.

Play Tips: The shooter must set a good cross screen for this play to work. Don’t make the shooter wait on the ball after coming off the down screen. This play is all about timing and setting good screens.


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