West Virginia: Diagonal Back Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

If run the right way this diagonal back screen basketball play should get you an easy bucket. However, it will only work if you have a player that is willing to set a good screen for their teammate and also a big key is timing. It is important to have different basketball plays in your playbook that you can go to and get an easy basket when your team really needs a bucket. That way if your team hits a drought or you need to get one of your better players going with an easy basket you have the play that you need.



Play Name: West Virginia: Diagonal Back Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Set an angled back screen for one of the wings to get a layup right at the basket.

Play Tips: Screener must set a good legal screen, the shooter must cut hard, and the pass must be on time before the defense recovers. Cutter needs to run right to the basket, don’t run out to the block and make it a more difficult shot then it needs to be.


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