West Virginia: High Post Handoff Basketball Play (08-09)

This handoff basketball play is out of the horns set and since the shooter is getting a down screen from the other big before coming off of the handoff it is basically a double screen for the shooter. The first screener must go hit the shooters defender so that the hand off man can clean him up and the shooter will be wide open after that. Also, the player coming off the hand off needs to set his/her defender up first before using the hand off-screen, this is essential for the play to work.



Play Name: West Virginia: High Post Handoff Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Get a down screen followed by a handoff for the shooter and have the shooter come off looking to score.

Play Tips: Set good screens for the shooter. The shooter must set his man up before coming off of the screens, also must take a good angle. Near side wing needs to stay spaced so that his/her man can’t help on the handoff.


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