West Virginia: Pin Down Double Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

In this pin down double screen basketball play the pin down action on one side is to keep the defense from being able to help on the double screen which is happening on the other side. Good basketball plays usually have multiple actions going on at the same time and this play is no different. By having more than one screening or cutting action going on at the same time it eliminates the defenses ability to help. However, if the weak side offense is just standing and watching, the defense can help and then recover to their man if the ball is kicked out.



Play Name: West Virginia: Pin Down Double Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Set a single pin down screen on one side of the floor and a double screen on the other for the wing or big man to curl and get a catch on the block.

Play Tips: Set good legal screens and don’t make the cutter wait on the ball. Keep good spacing on the floor as well.


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