West Virginia: Pin Down Screens to Back Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

To do this back screen basketball play your team is going to set down screens for the shooters and if they are open then you are going to hit them for a shot. If they aren’t open then the shooter is going to go back screen the player on the wing for layup or dunk at the basket.

For this basketball play to work, you need to maintain good spacing, timing and have players that are willing to set good screens for each other. Teach your players the value of setting good screens for each other and make sure to emphasize it on a daily basis.



Play Name: West Virginia: Pin Down Screens to Back Screen Basketball Play (08-09)

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Play Goal: Look to get a shot for the shooters off the pin down screens and if nothing there then have the shooter back screen the wing into the paint for a catch and finish.

Play Tips: Must maintain good spacing and set good screens for this play to work. Take a good angle on the back screen as well so that the cutter has space to catch and finish the basketball.


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