Wisconsin Green Bay: Back Screen Triple Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

This basketball play is good because it runs a misdirection before setting up the real play. By setting a back screen you make the defense shift and help down. However, this is really just happening so that the shooter can run off a triple screen for the shot. If the back screen guy is open for a layup then pass him/her the ball but if not that player becomes an immediate screener for the shooter. Hopefully, the player guarding the shooter is going to be watching the back screen action and lose track of his man. That way when the shooter comes off the triple screen is open because one the defender is trailing and two because the screeners have screened his defender.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Back Screen Triple Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Set a back screen to get the defense to shift and then have a shooter come off a triple screen for a shot.

Play Tips: If the player coming off the back screen is open and gets the basketball then the shooter needs to recognize and not cut through off the screens. The player setting the last screen on the triple screen needs to be ready to space the floor for a shot if his man over helps on the pin down screen.


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