Wisconsin Green Bay: BLOB Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

This is a simple screen the screener baseline out of bounds basketball play, but if done the right way it can be very effective. If the shooter sets a really good back screen then his/her defender must decide whether they are going to help on back screen or stay with the shooter coming off the down screen. This basketball play, working the correct way, is all dependent on the offense setting good screens for each other. After the shooter comes off the down screen the player that set that screen needs to open up to the ball as well because they could get the ball if their man overextends out onto the shooter. It is all about reading the defense and taking what is open.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: BLOB Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a layup off the back screen, shot for the shooter coming off the pin down, or a layup for the man opening up after the pin down screen.

Play Tips: This play only works if the players are willing to screen for each other. The better the back screen is the more open the shooter will be off of the down screen.


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