Wisconsin Green Bay: Hand Off Ball Screen Roll Replace Basketball Play (12-13)

A good ball screen puts the defense at a disadvantage because it requires two players to guard the ball at the same time for a short period or give up an open shot for the ball handler. For this basketball play to work the defense must either be trapping or hard hedging on the ball handler when coming off the ball screen. As soon as the ball handler comes off of the ball screen and drags out the defender, the screener is going to dive hard to the basket. This will make the other post defender have to help. At the same time, the four-man (who must be able to shoot) is going to fill up for the shot.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Hand Off Ball Screen Roll Replace Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Come off the ball screen hard, drag out the defensive big man, and then have the four-man fill up for a shot as the screener rolls hard to the basket.

Play Tips: Must be a good ball screen and the ball handler must drag out the defensive big man with the dribble. The screener must dive right to the basket and be a threat to score. If the roll man is open hit him, it is all about reading the defense and taking what it gives.


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