Wisconsin Green Bay: High Post Entry Back Screen Cross Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

If your team is able to set multiple good screening actions all in a row it is very hard for the defense to guard. Every good screen requires the defense have to help, communicate, and work. This opens up an opportunity for the defense to breakdown and to make a mistake. For this basketball play, there is going to be 3 different screening actions that one player is going to be in. First they are going to get a back screen, then set a cross screen, and finally, come off a down screen. This is a lot for the defense to navigate and work through. If done the right way this play should open up a good scoring opportunity for someone on the floor.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: High Post Entry Back Screen Cross Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Set multiple screening actions in a row and then hit the open man for a shot.

Play Tips: Players must be willing to set good screens for each other. Have good timing but don’t wait too long in between setting the screens. Passer needs to make sure that he/she is not just staring down own receiver but is reading the defense and looks for the open teammate.


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