Wisconsin Green Bay: High Post Entry Backdoor Basketball Play (12-13)

When the big man flashes to the high post and catches the ball with a guard on the wing there is an option for one of two things to happen, and it all depends on how the defense is guarding. If the defense is sagging off the wing player then it is the perfect opportunity for the big man to dribble at the guard for a handoff.

However, if the defender on the wing is playing on the high side to deny the pass it is the perfect time to have the guard back cut to the basket for a layup. That is exactly what this basketball play is going to have you do. As soon as the post catches the ball, the guard is going to fake like he/she is going high and then cut hard backdoor for a finish at the basket.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: High Post Entry Backdoor Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a backdoor layup or dunk.

Play Tips: Before cutting backdoor, make sure that you fake high and sell the cut. The passer needs to keep the bounce pass low and lead the cutter. Other players on the floor need to make sure that they stay spaced so that their defender cannot help on the back cut. That being said make sure that the cutter is under control if another defender steps up to take a charge.


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