Wisconsin Green Bay: High Post Entry Flare and Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

Ball movement, player movement, and screens are great tools to use in a half court offense. For this basketball play, you are going to use all three of them to help get an open shot. The flare screen into the ball screen is really good because the defender thinks that he just did his job by guarding the flare screen but he/she must then immediately guard the ball screen that is coming. There shouldn’t be any lag time in between the flare and ball screen. It needs to happen bang bang to take advantage of the defense being out of place.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: High Post Entry Flare and Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Have your big man set a really good flare screen, sprint to the ball screen, and then play out of it.

Play Tips: Don’t wait in between the flare screen and ball screen. They need to happen right away to catch the defense off guard. The weak side players need to stay spaced and be ready to shoot or cut if their defender over helps on the ball screen. The post player can dive to the block or space for the shot because it is a two-man game.


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