Wisconsin Green Bay: Side Ball Screen Fill Up Basketball Play (12-13)

This is one of the more simple basketball plays, but it only works if you have proper spacing and if the ball screen makes the defense react. The ball handler must come hard off the screen and make the big man help on the screen. This will trigger a domino effect because now the wing player must help on the rolling big man and now the shooter is open for the fill-up action.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Side Ball Screen Fill Up Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a shot for the wing filling up from the corner out of the side ball screen action. If the wings defender stays with him/her though hit the role man for the layup.

Play Tips: This play only works if there is a good ball screen. Make sure that the ball handler is aggressive off of the ball screen and the shooter needs to fill up quickly and high to have enough space to get the shot off. The screener does NOT have a choice they must immediately roll to the basket, don’t space after the screen.


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