Wisconsin Green Bay: Side Ball Screen Roll Replace Basketball Play (12-13)

If the other team’s big man is going to extend or trap on the ball screen you need to be able to make them pay. This is where the roll and replace action comes into play. By having your big man that set the screen role to the block and the other big man fill up and replace you put the other team’s defensive big man in a bind. He/she can’t cover both at the same time and this leaves your team with a good look if executed the right way. The side ball screen basketball play is great for making the defense have to communicate and potentially breakdown.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Side Ball Screen Roll Replace Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Use the ball screen and either throwback to the replace man or hit the roll man on the dive.

Play Tips: The big man that sets a screen is NOT making a read, he/she must automatically roll because the replace man is coming up. The ball handler wants to drag out the big man as far as they can with the dribble and then throw the ball back to the replace man. Wing players need to stay spaced and ready to shoot if their man helps on the ball screen action.


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