Wisconsin Green Bay: Transition Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

For this basketball play to work the right way all of the offensive players need to be running the space and maintain good spacing. The goal is to get the ball screen before the defense can get set and be ready to help on the ball screen action. If you are struggling to score in your half court sets it is important to be able to get out in transition. This transition ball screen basketball play will help your offense get up the floor quickly and get some easy baskets. Depending on time and score this is a really good play to use.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Transition Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a bucket in transition before the defense gets set off of a high ball screen action.

Play Tips: The other offensive players not in the ball screen need to sprint the floor and keep good spacing. Also, they need to be ready to shoot the basketball if they are open. The screener needs to space or roll after the ball screen. Ball handler needs to be aggressive off of the ball screen and look to score or set up a teammate.


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