Wisconsin Green Bay: Transition Double Stagger Basketball Play (12-13)

This is a great basketball play if you are looking for a quick hitter within the offense.  There will be times when you need to get a quick basket in a game but you still want it to be within the offense and a high percentage shot. For this play, you can get that by running one of your best shooters off a double stagger in transition. The shooter is going to come right up the middle off of the double stagger set by the two big men for an open shot. Being able to get set and right into the play will really help with the chances of the shooter being open off of the double stagger because the defense will not be all the way set.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Transition Double Stagger Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a quick good shot off of the double pin down play in transition.

Play Tips: Big men need to set good quality screens for the shooter. The offense needs to get down the floor and get set as quickly as they can. The faster you get into the play the better chance there will be for success because the defense will still be getting back in transition.


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