Wisconsin Green Bay: Triple Single Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (12-13)

Anytime that you can get shooters coming off multiple screens in the same basketball play you are most likely going to end up with something good. This pin down basketball play has a triple screen for one shooter and then a single screen out the other side for another shooter. If your team is willing to set good screens for the shooters this will be a really hard play to guard. The shooter needs to make sure and set his/her defender up before using the screen and then also read the defender to see what they should do off of the screen.



Play Name: Wisconsin Green Bay: Triple Single Pin Down Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Set a triple screen for the first shooter and then set a counter single screen for another shooter coming out the other side.

Play Tips: Set good legal screens and head hunt the shooter’s defender. The screeners need to be ready to react if their man hedges out too far on the shooter. Don’t make the shooters wait on the pass if they are open.


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