Finishing the Basketball Season Strong

Finishing the Basketball Season Strong

This basketball coaching article was written by Chris Capko, a part of the men’s basketball coaching staff at the University of Southern California. Previously he coached at Georgia Southern University, Stetson University, and played at the University of South Florida. 

With conference basketball tournaments ramping up across the country, many coaches try to figure out the right way to get their respective teams to finish the season as strong as possible.

This time of the year can be a grind, and every team is facing a different challenge. Some basketball teams are playing at a high level and will have to fight complacency as they compete for a championship or achieving their respective goals. Some basketball teams may have underachieved and are trying to find out a way to play their best ball as they hit their stretch run. Other basketball teams may be plagued by injuries or suspension and are adjusting the way they play to accommodate the available players and get them to play at the highest level possible.

While every team has different unique issues, there are some consistent trends that each program deals with when trying to finish a season strong.



Physical Well Being of Your Basketball Players

The basketball season is a grind. By the time you reach your conference tournament, some teams have played 30 games, along with practicing 6 times a week since October. Some players can become physically fatigued by playing a ton of minutes. Each basketball coach is faced with how long to practice, yet accomplishing whatever he or she feels their team still needs to improve upon or sharpen as they hit the stretch run.



Individual Basketball Instruction

Depending on how you orchestrate your basketball practice, this can become as tough as anything. How much time are you allocating to individual instruction in practice? Is shooting a deficiency for your team? How much shooting do they do within a practice? It is my experience that most basketball players, especially this time of the year, will not get enough shooting on their own. I also don’t believe most post players will come in on their own and practice their footwork and shots within the offense without the assistance of a coach. Some time should be allocated to this, especially at this time of the year. Your team’s character, work ethic, and internal leadership will determine how much you as a coach must mandate.



Watching Film

As the length of basketball practice starts to shorten, the mental aspect becomes even more important. As a coach, what is the mental acumen of your team? How much of their attention can you realistically keep in a film session? Again you must be realistic of your team and how much they can retain and be as efficient as possible. If you show 45 minutes of film, how much of that will be retained and comprehended by your basketball players?



Special Situations

With conference play, games become tighter and closer down the wire, and special situations become a vital part of a game. You must spend time on these situations. If you plan to win your conference or play in the postseason, special situations will play a part in your success or failure. How much time have you worked on these?



Free Throw Shooting

With tighter games being played all across the country at every level this time of the year, you must be able to make free throws to win games. There are many different opinions regarding free throwing shooting and how to prepare your players for these situations. One way or another, you must make them to win, so they need to be shot. As a basketball coach, you must always make sure the right guys are shooting them as well.



Breaking Up the Monotony

As I said previously, the basketball season is a grind. Your kids can become worn out by the process or even our voice at times. Through experience, I have found that having a day to break up the monotony of a season can be important. Something that can be fun for the guys. Taking them to a movie, playing a game (post vs. guards), or having some fun competitions. Don’t get me wrong; every basketball team needs repetition at whatever it is they do but make sure your team is enjoying themselves as well!



Finishing the Basketball Season Strong Conclusion

Every basketball team is different and is facing unique challenges this time of the year. We all have had ups and downs this season, which have helped us evaluate our team and figure out how to prioritize our time! Through it all, make sure your team is doing whatever they do at 100%, so you have no regrets of anything. Best of luck to everyone!


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  1. That was very motivating for the playoffs city and state playoffs we can’t wait to play the teams the underestimate us…. Thanks

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