Number Drill Tennis Ball Toss Combo Move 15 Point Finish

Number Drill Tennis Ball Toss Combo Move 15 Point Finish


This basketball shooting drill combines ball-handling, shooting, conditioning, and thinking while you are tired. It is one of the better basketball drills for working on multiple skills, all in the same drill. The goal is to make this basketball drill more demanding than it is in a game. If you can make practice harder than the actual game, then you have done your job as a coach. Prepare for success and give yourself the best chance to win with this combination basketball shooting drill. This drill forces you to make shots when you are tired and help you battle through mental fatigue.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Number Drill Tennis Ball Toss Combo Move 15 Point Finish

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball, 1 tennis ball, 5 chairs, a partner.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Push yourself to go faster and dribble the basketball harder, don’t be afraid to mess up.
  • Stay focused and do your best to go right to the number that the coach calls out.
  • Mix up your combo moves, and don’t do the same move two times in a row.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Place four chairs in a box shape just inside the 3 point line, and then place one more chair in the middle of the box.
  • Number the chairs 1-5, starting with the chair in the left corner (when standing under the basket) and all the way around; the center chair is number 5.
  • The player is going to start at chair number 1 with a basketball and tennis ball.
  • They will toss the tennis ball up in the air, make any combo move that they want with the basketball, and then catch the tennis ball.
  • Dribble to the next chair and repeat using a different combo move.
  • Continue all the way around until you get to chair number 5.
  • After chair 5, the coach/partner will call out a random number chair that the player must go to and make another combo move.
  • After about 30 seconds, the coach will say finish, and the player will drop the tennis ball and finish at the basket.
  • The player must now score a total of 15 points using the different chairs as screens.
  • They can curl cut, straight cut, fade cut, or Kentucky cut to score.
  • Once they score a total of 15 points, the drill is over.


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