The Formula for Having a Successful Basketball Season

The Formula for Having a Successful Basketball Season


A coach is not physically able to get out on the court and play the actual basketball game. They don’t physically affect one made basket the entire season. However, even though the coach will never touch the basketball during a game, they will most likely be the biggest reason why the team wins or loses.

The coach’s job is to give their players the best tools to win the game. Before the basketball is ever tipped at center court, the coach must prepare his team and give them the best chance to win. Here are a few basic basketball coaching tips for having a successful basketball season this year.


Know Where Your Basketball Team is Going

Before practices and workouts ever start, you need to decide what kind of team you want to be and then set out a game plan to achieve it. If you are a defensive-minded basketball team that walks the ball up the floor every time, then spend most of your practice on defense and half-court basketball sets.

Whatever the style is that you choose to run, you need to be committed to it and get your players to buy-in. You must get every basketball coach and player on the same page and moving in the same direction. A good analogy for this is a rowboat.

If you don’t have everyone in the boat rowing at the same time, with the same strength, and in the same direction, you are just going to go in circles. It is your job to get everyone in your basketball program moving forward in the same direction.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever make adjustments, but it does mean that you need complete buy-in from everyone involved.



Build Your Game Plan Around Your Basketball Players

The first point talked about getting your basketball team all moving the same way, but how do you decide what the best direction to be going is? Great coaches can be flexible and design their basketball strategy and philosophy around their players. Unless you can recruit or sign players specifically for your style of play, you will have to adjust your game plan pretty much every year.

Don’t be so set in your ways that you are unable to see success in different styles of play. Your job is to give your team the absolute best chance of winning. This may mean that you have to completely change what you did the last year, or even the last 10 years you coached. To have success in basketball, you must maximize the tools that you have.



Put Your Best Basketball Players in Great Scoring Positions

Add basketball plays to your playbook that will get your best offensive players the ball where they are comfortable with it. NBA coaches do this very well, but I don’t think that enough high school and college basketball coaches do as good a job with this as they should. I am not saying that you need to run a lot of isolation plays as they do in the NBA, but I can’t tell you how many games I have seen where a team’s best player is forced to take terrible shots because they are not getting any sets run for him.

When you decide what basketball plays to use this year for your offense, have specific-players in mind. For example, if you have a really good catch and shoot basketball player on your team, have 3-4 plays where he can run off screens for a shot. If you have a great post player, then run some cross screens, flex plays, etc. Help your players out by teaching them how to score within the offense.



The Formula for Having a Successful Basketball Season Conclusion

Basketball coaches have won and been great coaches using every different coaching style you can imagine. The key, though, is coming up with the best game plan for your team. Depending on your players, it may take time to see the benefits right away, but be willing to stick with it and work at it every day.

Teach your team the right way to do things, hold them accountable, and you will see the payoff down the road. Preparation is where coaches determine the outcome of the game.


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