1 Foot Hops Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill

1 Foot Hops Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill


This basketball shooting drill is going to be a combination of both shooting and working on footwork. Great shooters in basketball have excellent footwork and can maximize their shooting chances by getting squared up on every shot. Rather than shooting off-balanced shots, their footwork allows them to these shots into high percentage shots.

This 1 foot hops hurdle shooting drill will allow players to be able to work on footwork and also game-specific shooting and scoring moves. Players will also be able to work on being balanced and developing a light, quick jump off of one foot, which will translate to several different areas.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 1 Foot Hops Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, a passer, a basket, and five hurdles or cones.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on footwork and developing a light, quick one-foot jump.
  • Develop a quick second jump.
  • Practice coming into every shot the same way and being ready to shoot before the ball gets there.
  • Work on ripping through and attacking the basket or pulling up for a shot.


Coaching Points

  • Stay balanced on each landing and work on staying under control of your body.
  • Come into your shot after the last hurdle down ready to shoot the basketball.
    • Show your hands and be ready to get right into your shot.
  • Keep your eyes up on your shot fake and go somewhere with your dribble.
  • On the rip through, make sure that you are ripping through straight to the basket.
    • You want to go in as straight of a line as possible.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Set up five hurdles evenly spaced out at the top key (12-18 inches apart).
  • The player will start on one side of the hurdles facing the baseline, and the passer will be in the paint with the ball.
  • When the drill starts, the player will jump laterally over each hurdle, only using one foot to do so.
  • As they come over the last hurdle, they will be down ready to receive the pass.
  • You can either work on a catch and shoot, a shot fake one-dribble pull up (or drive to the basket), or a rip through to the basket.
  • If there is only one player, they will reset on the opposite side and repeat the same action, but his time, going back through the hurdles the other way, jumping on the other leg.
  • If there are multiple players, the next player will go, and the first player will get back in line.
  • Switch sides after a certain number of repetitions or time and work on jumping off the other foot.


Recommended Time, Steps, Scoring, Repetitions

  • There are several different moves and finishes that you can work on with this basketball drill. So if you decide on repetitions for tracking this drill, make sure that you work on a specific number for each type of move.
  • Also, you can get creative with the different types of moves that you work on. You could specify the type of finish, work on a step back after the rip through, etc. Feel free to mix up what you work on.
  • If you want to make this drill more challenging, try only counting makes as repetitions. This will put some pressure on the players and will also help to develop mental toughness. If you have multiple players going through the drill, you can either have them all combine to make a set amount of shots or play a game and see who can get to a set number of makes first.
  • Doing this drill for a set amount of time is also an excellent option. Just make sure that you are evenly working on the different types of moves.



1 Foot Hops Hurdle Shooting Basketball Drill


1 Foot Hops Hurdle Basketball Shooting Drill Conclusion

Footwork is a critical component in pretty much every part of the game of basketball. Whether it is playing defense, attacking the basket, shooting the basketball, or whatever, the better a player’s footwork is, the better they will be at the skill. This specific footwork drill will work on having a light, quick jump off of one foot.

The better a player can master this, the quicker they will get off the ground, execute multiple jumps in a row, and strengthen their legs. This combination basketball shooting drill is also excellent for working on different moves off of the catch. It will teach players how to catch and shoot the basketball when the defense closes out short or rip through and make a move on a closeout that is too tight.


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