1 on 1 Help Side Recovery Basketball Drill

1 on 1 Help Side Recovery Basketball Drill


A great defensive basketball team is able to help on the weak side and then recover in time to close out their own man on the catch. As the ball is in the air, the defensive player must already be on the way to close out their man. You may choose to closeout short or hard depending on what type of player it is, but the player needs to be there as the offensive player is catching the ball.

The 1 on 1 help side recovery basketball drill breaks down the help side defense, works on closing out your man, and then playing 1 on 1 defense. This defensive basketball drill should only be used once you have already taught your players the right way to recover and closeout. Along with working on all of these different skills, this basketball drill will also be able to work on competing. Basketball competition drills like this one will allow your players to learn how to read a live defender, fight on defense, and ultimately, compete.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 1 on 1 Help Side Recovery Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball, a coach, and at least 2-3 players.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Be there on the catch and close out with high hands.
  • Don’t over closeout and be ready to slide laterally to cut the offensive player off.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The coach will stand on one wing, the offensive player on the other, and the defensive line under the basket.
  • One defender is going to step out and start in the middle of the paint.
  • The coach will start with the ball, and when he throws it to the offensive player, the man in the middle must close out and be there on the catch.
  • He will pressure the ball for 5 seconds before the offensive player passes the ball back to the coach.
  • The defender now will jump back to the help side (middle of the paint for this drill).
  • When the coach skips the ball again, the drill is now “live.”
  • The offensive player has 2 dribbles to score, and the way the drill ends is when either the offensive player scores or the defensive player gets a stop.
  • If the offensive player scores, he stays on offense, and the defender goes to the back of the line, but if the defender gets a stop, he goes on offense, and the offensive player goes to the end of the defensive line.
  • If you have younger players, you can allow more dribbles to score if needed.
  • You can also have this be a defensive drill where you want to be on defense, and stops are worth points.
  • If you do it that way, then the line would be behind the offensive player.


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