1 on 1 Spot Triple Threat Basketball Drill

1 on 1 Spot Triple Threat Basketball Drill


Basketball competition drills are great because they allow for practicing offensive basketball moves that you have been working on against a live defender and also work on defense. The 1 on 1 spot triple threat basketball drill will allow the players to play 1 on 1 from anywhere on the floor (3 point line area and in), and it will help them practice scoring out of the triple threat and being strong with the ball.

This basketball drill will also allow you to work on your defense because you are in a situation where there is no help defense, and it is just one on one. As a defender, you want to work on guarding without fouling, and as an offensive player, you want to learn how to read the defender and use the right move to get a good shot off. This is one of the better defensive basketball drills for teaching a basketball player to guard without any help defense.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 1 on 1 Spot Triple Threat Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball and at least 2 players.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Read the defender and be efficient with your moves.
  • The defender will work on guarding without fouling and try to take away what the offensive player wants to do.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Both players start on a block, and the defensive player has the ball.
  • The defender will run out and set the ball down in the mid-range area anywhere on the floor.
  • The offensive player is going to pick the ball up, and the drill is now live.
  • The offense has 2 dribbles to score.
  • The drill goes until the offensive player scores or the defender gets a rebound.
  • The next time up, the players will switch who is on defense and who is on offense.
  • The coach can decide where they want the ball to be set down, and you can also allow more dribbles for the offensive player, depending on the players’ age and skill.


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