100 Point Scoring Basketball Shooting Drill

100 Point Basketball Shooting Drill


Anytime you can add a mental aspect to a catch and shoot basketball shooting drill or some kind of challenge to beat, you can help the shooter stay engaged and locked in on every shot. This goes back to the argument of quality over quantity when it comes to shooting.

You must be practicing your shot at game speed, and shooting drills like the 100 point shooting drill will help you do that. Also, learning to shoot with pressure on you can simulate the pressure that comes with shooting a big shot in a game. Learning to deal with pressure during basketball drills like this can really help you out as a shooter.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 100 Point Scoring Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 1 rebounder.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Lock-in and shoot the same way every time.
  • Don’t allow pressure to get to you; shoot one shot at a time.
  • To help the shooter out, you can have the drill start with a make in the first corner.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The goal of this drill is for the shooter to reach 100 total points (2’s and 3’s), and they have 10 spots to do it from; 3 pointers corner/mid-range corner, 3 pointers wing/mid-range wing, 3 pointers top of the key/mid-range top of the key, 3 pointers opposite wing/mid-range opposite wing, and 3 pointers opposite corner/mid-range opposite corner.
  • The shooter will start in the corner shooting 3’s.
  • They will continue to shoot until they miss a shot and will keep track of their total points (For example: if a shooter makes 3 in a row from the corner and then misses the 4th, they will have a total of 9 points and must move on to the next spot).
  • The player will then move to mid-range shots in the corner until they miss; all of these makes are worth two points apiece.
  • Continue all the way around the 10 spots keeping this same pattern and adding your points up as you go.


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