2 on 2 Help and Recover Defensive Basketball Drill

2 on 2 Help and Recover Defensive Basketball Drill


Being able to have a great man to man defensive team in basketball means doing a lot of smaller things well. Whether it is being in the gap, communicating, being in the help, recovering on the pass, etc. You can’t just jump into 5 on 5 man to man defense and expect it to be everything you need to be. That is why basketball drills like this 2-on-2 help and recover drill are so important to your team. They allow you to breakdown your team defensive philosophy so that your players can get reps on specific skills that your defense will need to be successful.

Along with this being a great defensive basketball drill, it is also great for competing and working on offensive skills. These types of basketball competition drills are perfect for allowing players to learn to compete at a high level. The offensive players are getting a lot out of this drill as well, and you can put a punishment on the losing team to turn up the intensity in practice.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 2 on 2 Help and Recover Defensive Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 4 players, a partner, and 1 basketball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on being in the help on defense and then closing out while the ball is in the air.


Coaching Points

  • Communicate the entire time you are on defense.
  • Don’t let your man get below you while you are in the help, or you will be open for a back cut.
  • Be there on the catch when the ball is in the air; you should be closing out.
  • Offensive players can back cut to the basket if they are over pressured.
  • If they score, then just reset and keep playing.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Offensive players are going to start on either block, and the defensive players will be guarding them.
  • The coach will be at the top of the key with the ball.
  • When the drill starts, the offensive players will pop out to the wing, and the coach will pass to either wing.
  • The defender on the ball will close out and guard, and the player on the opposite wing must jump to the help in the paint (seeing both man and ball).
  • The ball will be swung back to the coach, and both defensive players must jump to the gap at this time.
  • When the ball gets swung to the opposite wing, the players will adjust accordingly again.
  • After a few repetitions of this, the coach will say “live” or “play,” and from here, the players will play two on two until there is either a score, foul, or a defensive rebound.
  • You can set the scoring up however you want, but here are a couple of examples.
    • If you score, you stay on offense, and two new defenders come on, and if the defense gets the stop, they go to offense.
    • Another option would be to have your team broken down into 2 teams, and have every group go offense and defense, and then see who scored the most points.
    • Lastly, you could set it up so that the defense must get 3 stops in a row to get out, or something similar to that.


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