2 Step Backs Drill

2 Step Backs Drill


The 2 Step Backs drill is a great basketball agility exercise for working on change of direction. The more efficient you are with your steps, the quicker you will become. As a basketball player, you want to be able to train yourself never to waste any movement.

When you watch this basketball workout, really focus on the footwork and body movement. That way, when you get in the gym and are doing your basketball training, you can execute the drill the correct way and maximize your improvement. You also want to make sure that you are not practicing it the wrong way and developing bad habits because this will hurt the player in the long run.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 2 Step Backs Drill

Equipment Needed: None


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Goals of the Drill

  • Improve Vertical COD (Change of Direction) and work on quickness and explosiveness.


Coaching Points

  • Stay on the balls of your feet and maintain forward lean when transitioning from backward to forwards.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • From an athletic position, take a half-step back with one leg, then a full step back with the other.
  • Simultaneously, place the same hand of the second leg on the ground directly below your shoulder.
  • Then hop back to an athletic position at your original spot.
  • Begin this drill by doing one Two-Step Back at a time with the same foot sequence.
  • Then switch to using the opposite foot sequence.
  • Advance this drill by executing several Two-Step Backs in a row (returning to original athletic position each time) for either a specific number or amount of time using the same foot sequence.
  • To further advance this drill, alternate the foot sequence continuously.
  • Again, always returning to the original athletic position following each Two-Step Back.


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