20 Makes Jab Step Go Opposite Basketball Shooting Drill

20 Makes Jab Step Go Opposite Basketball Shooting Drill


This triple threat basketball shooting drill will allow the player to get a lot of repetitions at the jab step go opposite shooting move, but it is also going work on a few other areas of the player’s game. It will teach the player to be able to make shots under pressure and when they are tired. Since this basketball shooting drill is based on makes and not just a set time or number of shots, it forces the player to make shots to get out of the drill. It is also great for improving the player’s overall conditioning and ability to make shots when tired.

Basketball drills like this are also great for teams because every player involved in the drill is working on a skill. It is primarily a shooting drill, but the passer must focus on making quality on-time passes, and the rebounder must not allow any missed shot to hit the floor. Both of these are key skills that will translate over to a live game.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 20 Makes Jab Step Go Opposite Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on the jab step go opposite move, conditioning, shooting under pressure, and rebounding/passing for the partners.


Coaching Points

  • The rebounder must try to grab every miss before the ball hits the ground.
  • Passer needs to throw on-time quality passes to the shooter.
  • Make sure that your jab step is going towards the basket and that you put the basketball down before you take your step.
  • Keep your eyes up on the dribble to see the floor.
  • Take a hard dribble into your shot.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • There will be a passer at the top of the key and a rebounder in the paint.
  • The shooter is going to start in the corner.
  • When the drill starts, the player will fill up the to the wing, get the ball, then and make a jab step go opposite one-dribble pull up move.
  • After they make the move, they will run back to the corner, where they will catch the ball and repeat the move from the corner.
  • Once the player makes 6 shots from that side of the floor, they will run the baseline to the opposite side of the floor and repeat for 6 makes.
  • After making the second set of 6 shots, the player will run to the center circle of half court.
  • From there, they are going to run to the top of the key and make 6 jab step go opposite shots (touch half-court in between each shot).
  • Once the player has completed 6 makes from the top of the key, they will go to the free-throw line where they must make 2 free throws (take your time).
  • The two free throws will bring their make total to 20, and this completes the drill.


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