3 Dribble Toss Double Between the Legs Tennis Ball Basketball Drill

3 Dribble Toss Double Between the Legs Tennis Ball Basketball Drill


This basketball drill is the beginner version of the toss double between the legs tennis ball drill because it gives you 3 dribbles in between each move. The goal of this basketball tennis ball drill is to help you learn to make the double between the legs move, but also help the player learn to dribble with their eyes up. Tossing and catching the tennis ball forces the player to keep their eyes up the whole time. This eliminates the opportunity to look down at the ball when making the dribble move.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 3 Dribble Toss Double Between the Legs Tennis Ball Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and 1 tennis ball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Develop your handles, learn to keep your eyes up, and work on the double between the legs dribbling move.


Coaching Points

  • Keep the ball tight to your body and make the move as quickly as you can so that you will have more time to catch the tennis ball.
  • Stay down in a low dribbling stance the whole time.
  • Don’t be afraid to mess up and push yourself to get better.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Start with a tennis ball in one hand and a basketball in the other on one of the baselines.
  • Begin walking forward and take 3 dribbles with the basketball, toss the tennis ball up in the air, do a figure 8 double between the legs move with the basketball, and then catch the tennis ball with the same hand that tossed it.
  • Continue down the floor, repeating the same move every 3 dribbles.
  • Switch hands at half court.
  • Once you get to the opposite baseline, you will come back, but this time going backward.


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