5 Point Verbal Call Basketball Shooting Drill

5 Point Verbal Call Basketball Shooting Drill


This basketball shooting drill aims to simulate coming off of down screens and being able to read the defender as you do. There are several different cuts that you can use off of a down screen to get an open shot, and the 5 point verbal call basketball shooting drill will help you to be able to work on all of them and also being able to quickly determine what type of cut to do.

In a game situation, the player using the screen will only have a short second to determine how their defender is going to guard the screen and then make the correct cut. Hopefully, this basketball drill will help the player quickly get into their cut after determining what type of cut it should be.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 5 Point Verbal Call Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 5 chairs, a basketball, and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Don’t drift on any of your shots; jump straight up and down.
  • Visualize the defender and make sharp cuts off the chairs/down screens.
  • Listen to the coach and stay locked in even if you are tired.
  • Set your imaginary defender up each time before using the down screen.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Place a chair in each corner, wing, and top of the key at about 15 feet from the basket.
  • The shooter will shoot a total of 6 shots, one from each chair with the exception of shooting one from each SIDE of the top of the key chair.
  • Start with the chair on the left baseline and go all the way around.
  • Every time the player must set his man up under the basket and touch the opposite lane line before coming off the screen.
  • As the shooter is coming to the chair, the coach/passer will call out what cut the shooter must make; straight cut, curl cut, Kentucky cut/pro cut, or fade cut.
  • The shooter will make the cut and then come off for a catch and shoot shot.



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