5 Spots Mid Range Basketball Shooting Drill

5 Spots Mid Range Basketball Shooting Drill


This basketball shooting drill will work on the mid-range catch and shoot shot from different spots on the floor, as well as coming into the shot from different angles. It is a great drill for working on coming into your shot the correct way every time; showing your hands, dropping your butt, and stepping into your shot. Basketball drills like this will allow you to get a lot of repetitions at these movements, which will help you become a better shooter in game situations.

It is very similar to the Star Shooting Basketball Drill, but it only has one partner to pass and rebound. So it is a great drill to use if you only have one partner. Also, the angles and footwork are a little bit different coming into each shot. This is a great catch and shoot basketball shooting drill to use at the beginning of a workout or practice to get warmed up. Make sure that you are really locking in on form and technique for every shot.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 5 Spots Mid Range Basketball Shooting Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 partner and 1 basketball.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Focus on coming into your shot the correct way every time that you shoot the ball.
  • Stay in your shot until you make or miss it.
  • You can do the drill one time through for five shots, a set number of shots, a total time, or a set number of makes.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The shooter will start at the top of the key, and the passer/rebounder will start in the paint.
  • When the drill starts, the shooter will shoot a mid-range shot from the top of the key.
  • After the shot, they will run to the right corner for shot number two.
  • The third shot will come from the left-wing, the fourth shot from the right-wing, and the final shot from the left corner.
  • Every shot is going to be a catch and shoot mid-range shot.
  • If the drill is done for a certain amount of time, makes, or shots, the player will run back to the starting point and repeat the drill after the last corner shot.


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