5 Yard Cone Side Shuffle Drill

5 Yard Cone Side Shuffle Drill


The 5 Yard Cone Side Shuffle exercise is one of the best basketball workouts for teaching lateral quickness. The below basketball training video, along with text instructions, showcases this basketball shuffling workout along with 2 different variations that are slightly more advanced: the “Outside Foot Up” variation and the “Inside Foot Up” variation.

Make sure that you study the correct footwork before adding this drill to your basketball training plan because you want to make sure that you will be practicing it the right way and not developing any bad habits. One of the big keys to becoming quicker or faster is learning to be more efficient with your movements. However, after you have learned the correct footwork, the player needs to push themselves and go as quickly as they can (with good form).



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: 5 Yard Cone Side Shuffle Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 cones set 5yds apart (distance can be longer if so desired)


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Goals of the Drill

  • Lateral Quickness and footwork


Coaching Points

  • Maintain proper athletic position during shuffles by taking short quick steps.
  • Execute proper COD by leaning towards the new direction at the cone.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Beginning at one cone in an athletic position, begin shuffling towards the opposite cone.
  • Shuffle past the cone, touch the cone with your nearest hand and begin shuffling towards the original cone.
  • Continue for a specific number, amount of time, or until your coach is satisfied, you have completed the exercise properly.
  • For the “Outside Foot-Up” variation, shuffle past the cone and touch the floor with the hand nearest the cone, simultaneously raising the opposite leg laterally into the air, then begin shuffling towards the original cone.
  • For the “Inside Foot-Up” variation, shuffle past the cone, plant your outside foot, raise your inside foot, and then begin shuffling back to the original cone.


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